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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 11:25

KCM Knoxville Community Media Engagement Calendar

Knoxville Community Media (KCM)

KCM’s Community Engagement Calendar provides information about both, date-specific events and the regular programs & services provided by nonprofit organizations.

Many people still think it is necessary to have a TV cable connection to watch community TV programs. But that’s old history.

One does not even need to be in the City of Knoxville or anywhere near it, nor have a TV set anymore.

You can watch all live coverage by Knoxville Community Media — AND previously aired programs — on any device that has internet access, even on your smart phone.

(However, be careful to know about any data transmission caps and charges that may apply to your internet connection, and especially your mobile data plan if you’re not using a free WiFi connection.)

KCM also streams Fulton High School’s Falcon Radio WKCS-FM 91.1, which is one of only four high school radio stations in Tennessee; one among few nationwide, too.